Our Latest Toy Offering:

White Horse

Kitutal Toys' first public run of inflatables for 2015 will be the much anticipated White Horse model.

Measuring an impressive 6 feet (1.8m) in height, this huge toy is constructed using the best methods available, with high quality seams and 16 guage PVC, designed to last for years. Its 7 separate air chambers with discrete but accessible valves allow for inflation to the desired firmness. The plain white design allows for each individual toy to be uniquely painted, either by the customer in person, or by outsourcing the task to any willing third-party painter.

Available at the unprecedented low price of only $250 each (plus shipping), this toy is a bargain well worth grabbing while you have the chance. Don't expect these to be around for long.

Not certified for use in water. Not a life-saving device. 


All purchases will only be charged at the end of the order period, giving plenty of time to save up. 

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