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Welcome to the Kitutal Toys' inflatable order site. Here you can see all upcoming toy sales projects.

Sales through this site are simple enough. When a project is ready to go to order, its page will be activated and listed below. Simply visit that page and click to order, enter your payment details, and wait. All charges are made only at the end of the order period, regardless of when you place the order, you don't even need to have the money available until the last day, giving plenty of time to save up, and if need be cancel your order at no charge. (This also means in the unlikely event of a project being cancelled, there is no charge to any customers)

As you can see, a virtually risk free, quick and easy solution. Why wait, place your order today:


Current projects:

Gryphon (8' long) $350 +shipping

Closes May 31st


Horse (8' long)

multiple colour variants, or paint your own plain white model

Closes September 15th


Kitty (anthro-style 6' tall) male/female variants Price TBD

Opening November/December